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Photo Gallery

Cross Country Trip 2000:

Niagra Falls
Wrigley Field, Chicago
Mitchell Corn Palace, S.D.
Wall Drug, S.D.
Mount Rushmore
Badlands, S.D.
moon rising over Badlands
prairie dog in Badlands
more prairie dogs
buffalo in the Badlands
proof I was in Wyoming
exit for No Name, CO
Rocky Mountains, CO
another view of the Rockies
Grand Junction, CO
somewhere in Utah
somewhere else in Utah
on the road to Bryce Canyon
Bryce Canyon, UT
more of Bryce Canyon
...and another
moon setting one morning in Kanab, UT
Grand Canyon (North Rim)
Grand Canyon
and more of the Grand Canyon
tree on the edge of the canyon
doe at Grand Canyon
Zion national park, UT
the Great Arch visible from the road down into Zion Canyon
at the bottom of Zion Canyon
Hoover Dam
Hoover Dam (panoramic)



Christmas in Honolulu
view of Honolulu from on top of Diamond Head
sunset at Waikiki Beach
inside of Diamond Head crater
rainbow over Honolulu
same spot, different rainbow
another rainbow over the city
rainbow in the sky
Punchbowl crater and Honolulu as seen from the the lookout at Ualakaa State Park on Roundtop
the USS Arizona Memorial in Pearl Harbor
Kaneohe (as seen from the Pali lookout)
dense pine trees on the Nuuanu Trail near the Pali Highway
Ala Moana beach with Waikiki and Diamond Head in background
surfers off of Waikiki beach (look closely)
view of Diamond Head and Waikiki from Mt. Tantalus
Waikiki marina... with a rainbow overhead, of course
my apartment building on Ala Moana
sunset over Ala Moana beach as seen from my lanai
another sunset
the sun just melts...
...into the ocean
sometimes a fabulous display of colors remains in the sky for a long time
view of Honolulu with Punchbowl crater, Mt. Tantalus, and Roundtop in the background
another picture of downtown Honolulu taken from a dive boat
sea turtle spotted during a dive near Waikiki
yellow trumpetfish
butterfly fish swarm the wreck of the YO-257
Sea Tiger wreck
sea turtle resting on the deck of the Sea Tiger
spotted eagle rays
diving Turtle Canyons, near Hawaii Kai (it really lives up to its name!!!)
the reefs are filled with fish
you can get real close to the green sea turtles ...but don't touch!
the Corsair is a plane that crashed landed in about 110 feet of water during WWII
me in front of the Corsair's propeller
thousands of fish hang out here
(I'm really not kidding!)
the perfect experience for a diver
Chinese cemetary in the Manoa Valley
Julie is surrounded by ancient trees, giant ferns, and hanging vines along the trail to Manoa Falls
the Manoa Falls trail cuts through a bamboo forest
Manoa Falls
Manoa Falls (in case you missed it the first time)
view of the upper and lower falls from the trail
mountain view from the Lyon Arboretum in Manoa
beautiful Hanauma Bay
the bay is filled with tropical fish
the rocky shoreline around the entrance to Hanauma Bay
waves crash against the lava rocks near Hanauma Bay
beautiful Makapuu Beach, where the famous embrace in the movie From Here to Eternity was filmed
looking down onto Makapuu Beach
lighthouse at Makapuu Point
Turtle Island and Rabbit Island as seen from the Makapuu Head Trail
Halona Cove
the blowhole
Kailua Beach as seen from Moku Nui, a small uninhabbited island off the shore accessable by kayak or canoe
Moku Iki as seen from Moku Nui (this island is closed to the public)
the two Moku Lua islands as seen from Flat Island right off of Kailua Beach Park (its a lot further than it looks!)
Julie gazes at the Moka Luas from the beach at Bellows Air Force Base, which is one of the nicest on the island.
the Byodo-in Temple
...and from another perspective
the pools were filled with huge koi
Kualoa Beach Park
Mokuauia Beach on Goat Island (near Malaekahana Park) -- this may be the most perfect beach I have seen yet
Goat Island
Cooke's Point at Malaekahana Park
Sunset Beach on Oahu's North shore often features rough surf and dangerous swimming conditions
a surfer tackles the waves at Sunset Beach
the leeward shore and Waianae Mountains
Waianae Mountains at the end of the Farrington Hwy near Kaena Point


famous Hawaiian gecko
UConn Huskies playing Chaminade at the Maui Invitational Tournament in Lahaina (11/21/00)
Connecticut vs. Louisville (11/22/00)
mountains overlooking the now baren sugar cane plantations near Lahaina, Maui
palm trees on Maui
island of Lanai (as seen from Maui)
sun setting over Lanai
waterfalls off of Hana Rd. on Maui: pic#1, pic#2, pic#3.

Hawaii (the big island):

the big island still has active volcanoes
they are not currently erupting in the traditional sense, but lava constantly oozes from various points in Kilauea's East Rift Zone
the lava creates "fingers" as it cuts through the rain forrest
the current eruption has created over a quarter mile of new land
eventually, the lava rock gets broken down resulting in beautiful black sand beaches along the shores
the Kilauea Caldera is one of Volcanoes National Park's main attractions
inside is the Halema'uma'u Crater, which is also still active
Onomea Bay
a small waterfall cuts through some bamboo trees near Piihonua...
...right near by isAkaka Falls, which is over 400 ft high, and Kahuna Falls
Rainbow falls in Hilo
the top of Rainbow falls
the river flowing away from Rainbow Falls
petroglyphs were carved by early Hawaiians into lava rock on the Kona coast
South Point, although not much to look at, is the southern most point in the United States (if you travel directly south from this point, the first land you'd reach would be Antarctica)
the sculpted coastline near South Point


Kee Beach marks the start of Kauai's Na Pali Coast
Julie relaxes in the afternoon shadows cast by the palm trees
hiking the coast provides breathtaking views
green cliffs drop into the ocean
there is little land in between the path and the sea
looking down on Hanakapiai Beach
the Hanakapiai stream meets the ocean at this beach
Honopu valley is close to the other end of the Na Pali Coast (visible from the lookout at the end of the Waimea Canyon drive)
Waimea Canyon is Kauai's answer to the Grand Canyon
this view was taken from the northern end, looking back toward the ocean
bridge for an old water irrigation system down in the Waimea Canyon area
finding ourselves in a barron field of Hawaii's famous red dirt while off-roading near the canyon (don't tell the rental car company)
we also took the truck onto Lydgate Beach
and deep into the rain forrests to get up-close looks at Kauai's many beautiful waterfalls that would otherwise have been unaccessable
Wailua Falls (may look familiar from Fantasy Island)
Wailua River
Opaekaa Falls
Kilauea Point
the Kilauea Lighthouse
double rainbow in a valley near Princeville
Hawaii's state bird -- the nene

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