The Greatest of All Time

This web page is my dedication to my favorite video game system ever. The Atari 2600. I got my first control deck used with about 20 games or so from my cousin when he decided that Coleco was better back in . . . oh, I don't know how long ago it was, but I was still small at that age.

Anyway, I used to love that thing. Everyday before school, a bunch of my friends would come over and we'd play Atari until the bus came. Warlords tournaments with four players at once was always a popular choice, as well as Combat (there's just nothing quite like blowing up your friends before school), River Raid, Keystone Kapers, Solaris, etc... You name it. If I had it, it was played.

Since then, I've amassed quite a collection, including hundreds of games and many control decks, most of which still work. I started collecting seriously around the fall of 1993, relying mostly on my friends (who would usually just give me whatever they had) and the local flea market. Then, about two years later, I discovered the internet and the collection really took off. Of course, most of my current additions come from trades, but I still find some of those rarities once in a while.

Click on these for a list of my Atari games and manuals, my trade lists, a list of places to mail order NEW games, and a list of the games (with prices) available through the Radio Shack Unlimited catalog. Don't miss the on-line catalogs below in the links section, either. There are some great bargains to be found out there on those hard-to-find games.

I also have games for Intellivision, Fairchild, Coleco, Magnavox Odyssey^2, Nintendo, Vectrex and Atari Jaguar. Here are my game lists. I hope to add more soon. I have a Fairchild Video Entertainment System, ColecoVision, NES, Gameboy, Jaguar, Odyssey^2, a Vectrex, and an Intellivision, all in working condition. The most recent addition to my collection are three actual arcade machines, a Spy Hunter upright, a Super Pac-Man coctail table, and a Black Widow. You can view an "action" photo of the Spy Hunter and Super Pac-Man by clicking this section of the text. And just in case you were wondering, I'm the guy at the coctail table. (My friend was hogging the Spy Hunter.)

More fun photos to come! Check out a picture from an 80s party that one of my friends had. I couldn't resist bringing along a 2600 and, of course, it was a big hit.

Top Ten NTSC Atari 2600 Games I Want:

1. Out of Control (Avalon Hill)
2. Cakewalk NTSC (CommaVid)
3. Halloween (Wizard)
5. Lockjaw (Apollo)
6. Eli's Ladder (Simage)
8. Mangia' NTSC (Spectravideo)

PAL Atari 2600 Games I Want:

11. some Homevision titles (ask)
...and many more

Top Ten Miscellaneous Video Games I Want:

1. Vectrex 3-D Minestorm
2. Intellivision River Raid
3. Atari 5200 Pengo
4. Atari 5200 Zaxxon

Other Accessories Wanted:

1. Vectrex 3-D Goggles
2. Intellivision to 2600 adaptor

If you have any of these games or items for either sale or trade, please let me know. I'd also like to thank everyone who has helped me to obtain games from my want list.

Mail me at atarirx@yahoo if you feel some strange urge to contact me or something.

I am now selling some of my excess accumulations on eBay's AuctionWeb. Check out my current items. Bid often!


SCANS OF RARE GAMES I OWN and -- the newsgroups dedicated to Atari and other classic systems.


Information Sources:

VGR's Homepage -- The home of the famous Atari 2600/7800 rarity list.
Digital Press Online -- Information on just about every classic system ever made.
Atari Gaming Headquarters
Atari Age -- one of the most comprehensive sites pertaining to the Atari 2600 gaming system available, and also the largest selection of home brews and recently released Atari games for sale
History of Video Games Homepage. Also has a collection of game manuals.
Video Game Advantage (VGA). Nice site with tons of information on systems, including the Atari FAQ. Games for sale, too.
2600 Connection. Newsletter for collectors.
Atari 2600 Collector's Homepage Do not miss this page! There is also a list of label variations kept here.
Classic Video Games Nexus
Andrew Krieg's Videogame Hunter's Oasis
Duncan Scott's Page -- Duncan programmed Wall Ball, and this page provides some information about the Avalon Hill Video Game Company.
The Squirrel Conspiracy Information Page (Yes, there is video game stuff there too!)

Other Collectors:

Atari: The Next Generation -- Atari and action figures, you can't go wrong here!
The Various Classic Video Games Page -- This is my friend Chris' creation, and he has some great trade items, as well as some scans. Check it out!
Dale and Karen Dobson's Atari Page -- Mr. Bill, uses for Combat carts, and more.
Jason Cody's Atari Jaguar Page. He also collects 2600, 5200, and 7800.
Patrick's Atari Classics (the PAC Page)

Other Atari Links:

Planet Irata - World of Atari
Atari 2600 games for the Mac
Reminiscing: 8-Bit Atari Games Lots of fun. Includes quiz to test your atari knowledge.
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Intellivision and ColecoVision Links:

VGR's Intellivision Game List
DougM's Super Summer Homepage -- the best Intellivision page I've seen so far, includes rarity list, huge FAQ, and much more.
Blue Sky Rangers Home Page
Norman G. Sippel's ColecoVision Homepage

On-Line Catalogs:

Systems Games for Sale -- Nothing fancy, just some boxed 2600/7800/Intellivision and loose NES games I have available for sale, plus a few system packages I put together. Take a look!
Video Game Exchange -- Extensive catalogs run out of a store in California. Very fast service and high turnover rate. Their specialty is filling your want lists. Send one over to them and they'll do their best to fill it at no extra charge. Outstanding customer service, too!
Joe's Game Catalog -- Sells new and used games, decks, controllers, etc... at great prices. Limited selection, but look here first if you need something, especially for the 7800. Many other systems too, though.
Mercury's Page -- Very reliable. Sells mostly through AuctionWeb.
Sean Kelly's Home Page -- Sean is the creator and distributor of multicarts for many classic systems. He also has extensive game catalogs with some very rare titles.
Telegames mail order -- New games, decent selection, but WAY too expensive! (Radio Shack actually charges less for these games.)
ClassicGold Home VideoGames. Largest Selection, many very rare games, but not cheap.
Video Game Connections -- actual store in New Jersey

Search for Other Atari Stuff:

Yahoo's Atari 2600 Listings
Webcrawler -- search for "atari" or "atari 2600"

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